Vanessa Donelly

The Angel In The Wall

A film by Lorenzo Bianchini
With Pierre Richard and Iva Krajnc Bagola

Produced by Tucker Film with Rai Cinema
Coproduced by MYmovies

The Angel in the Wall is a game of identification between audience and protagonist. The camera stays close to him, letting his eyes become those of the viewer. Sometimes behind him and sometimes a little in front of him, we are always within the range of his perceptions, experiencing and feeling alongside him every single emotion, every surprise. Together with him we will discover the spaces he explores, and in long, uninterrupted takes penetrate the shadows of the corridors and face with him the ghosts of his past. Step by step, the spectator will become trapped in that crumbling apartment that is the setting of the entire film and of Pietro’s entire life. Walled in with him in that claustrophobic hiding place that I imagined so long ago, in the nights of my childhood.

Lorenzo Bianchini, Director